Inside Bonjour  /  04.01.2016

News Mantri Developers partners with Bonjour! to develop multiple hotels in Bangalore.

Mantri Developers, one of India’s fastest growing real estate companies, today announced the signature of an agreement with Bonjour!, the hotel group that has introduced a new budget hotel concept to India. The agreement makes way to the development of multiple properties, starting with the opening of three to five new hotels in Bangalore in the next 36 months.

Mr. Sushil Mantri, Chairman of Mantri Developers remarked, “We hinge our development philosophy on building unique real estate, creating quality and future-focused properties in high-growth urban centres. We believe this partnership with Bonjour! certainly furthers this goal as we leverage on each other’s strength and business acumen to reach out to a larger section of the audience. We look forward to the opening of these first properties in Bangalore and continue to seek strategic development opportunities with Bonjour! across our target cities in South India.”

Speaking on the occasion, Aditya Sikri, Chief Executive Officer Retail & Commercial of Mantri Developers said, “It is exciting to partner with an innovative brand such as Bonjour!, and to enter a segment that is today radically underserved. Strengthening our belief in providing smart and competitive propositions to our consumers, these upcoming developments will create significant value as we expand our footprint in the hospitality sector.”

Bonjour! is reinventing budget hotels by focusing on customers’ real expectations and making the basics perfect, creating a new type of hotel experience. Gone are unnecessary frills, replaced only by those things that guests really want — and more importantly, want to pay for: personal choice, contemporary design, top-quality beds, user-friendly technology, soundproof rooms and a great breakfast – for an astonishing price.

“There is a need for a new type of hotel for today’s traveller, who is value-conscious but desires the comfort and lifestyle of a top-rated hotel. It’s not about the space but its efficiency and how you can experience it. Bonjour! is putting the guests’ needs front and center,” said Julien Goupit, Co-Founder and CEO. “A fantastic bed, outstanding in-room entertainment and the freedom to book on your mobile make a difference. Big lobbies do not.”

These new properties will boast 400 to 600 stylish, compact rooms, decked out with all the comfort and technology you could ask for. Room rates will be Rs. 2,000 to 3,500/- all-inclusive. The properties are scheduled to open 2017/2018 onward. With this new development, Bonjour! not only fills a need in Bangalore, it also sets the standard for what Bonjour! will do across the country. “Establishing our presence across India’s Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities tops our list of priorities”, Julien Goupit said.

Unlike many other hotel chains, Bonjour! is an entirely pre-designed and pre-engineered concept with high levels of standardisation and pre-fabrication. “The strength of the Bonjour! financial model lies in its extremely efficient use of space, a very low operating cost model and highly repeatable standards of construction and operations,” said Didier Coutte, Co-Founder and Chairman. Every detail is thought through in delineated spaces.

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Inside Bonjour  /  03.12.2015

Hit the road jack Bonjour hotels announces growth plans in India.

Bonjour, the hotel group that has introduced an exciting new budget hotel concept to India, now announced that it is embarking on an ambitious expansion plan that will see Bonjour! hotels opened in high-growth Tier II and Tier III cities across India.

Helping millions of people travel better.

With over 950 millions domestic travellers last year, Bonjour! solves a real problem: it bridges the tremendous gap between India’s scarce ‘budget hotels’ supply and the millions of cost-conscious travellers looking for a great place to rest at affordable prices.

“Since 2011, when we started looking at the available supply in India, we saw hotels that were too expensive for the vast majority of working travellers and many others that were not really comfortable, very unpredictable or poorly equipped; an offer that is clearly not satisfactory for today’s savvy consumers” says Julien Goupit, Co-Founder and CEO.

“Our guests are people who, like us, believe that quality and convenience should not mean a premium price. They want hotels that give them great comfort and the services they really need, at a great rate”.

Good where it matters.

Bonjour! reinvented budget hotels by chipping away the unnecessary, allowing people to pay only for what really matters: top-quality beds, spotless and soundproof rooms, powerful shower, free WIFI and a great breakfast, all starting from Rs.1,800/- per night. Efficient in space, the rooms combine beautiful design with a state-of-the-art entertainment system.

“Low prices don’t mean cutting corners” says Julien Goupit. “Bonjour! offers an astonishing value proposition that is the result of simplification and a narrower range of services focused on what guests really expect. A great bed, free WIFI and the freedom to book on your mobile make a difference. Big lobbies and hot towels do not.”

A high profitability model.

Bonjour! offers a unique value proposition to developers, investors and land owners. Bonjour! hotels use significantly less floor area (and land!), need less capital, take a much shorter time to develop and achieve a profit per square foot that is 50-70% higher compared to “traditional” hotels. This in turn translates into lower development risk and average yields on invested capital in excess of 20% per year (excluding capital gains).

Unlike many other hotel chains, Bonjour! is an entirely pre-designed and pre-engineered concept with high level of standardisation and pre-fabrication.

“The strength of Bonjour financial model lies in its extremely efficient use of space, a very-low operating cost model and highly-repeatable standards of construction and operations.”

Didier Coutte, Co-Founder and Chairman.

Growth strategy in India.

The company is growing the hotel network and brand distribution through management and lease contracts with owners and investors. Engineered for fast growth, Bonjour! hotels can be developed in any size and are highly-modular to fit very diverse locations and projects.

“India is the world’s third largest domestic tourism market after the US and China and the fastest growing. In comparison, there is a huge shortfall in the supply of quality yet affordable hotel rooms to adequately handle the current level of demand” says Julien Goupit.

With cities having supply levels among the lowest in the world, the market for branded budget hotels is very attractive. Bonjour! targets a portfolio of 60 hotels in the next five years, comprising of both new-builds and re-development of existing properties.

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Inside Bonjour  /  12.06.2015

News Our Banglore showroom is open.

Today, we are excited to announce the opening of our exhibition and showroom in Whitefield, Banglore.

“Designed following our mantra – quality over quantity – it is an exciting space intended to welcome our partner investors, clients and suppliers who want discover our way. Partners can experience the Bonjour! guestroom for real and become familiar with our concept, services and the design of our hotels“, Julien Goupit, Co-Founder and CEO.

We started Bonjour! in 2012 with the ambition to challenge the status-quo and provide for a new era of budget travel. Since inception, we always sought to continually top ourselves, to expand our thinking and create things that will be meaningful and bring real value to our guests.

We wanted a space that can express the passion and attention to details that drive the company and our work. “We bring a boutique mindset to client relationships. “We seek out and work with those clients who share our vision, and invest with us to create something meaningful and long-lasting. It’s a good place to take some time and get to know each other.”

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Inside Bonjour  /  25.03.2016

Design spotlight Bonjour! teams up with leading engineering firm Arup.

Since early 2012, we have been working with Arup, an award-winning engineering firm, for the design, structural and MEP engineering of Bonjour! Hotels.

Arup is one of the most forward-thinking and exciting engineering companies in the world. From their Mumbai office, Arup brings to Bonjour! an unparalleled experience of the building world and a precious track record in some of the most technically advanced hotels and hospitality projects.

Founded in 1946 with an initial focus on structural engineering, Arup is the creative force at the heart of many of the world’s most prominent projects in the built environment and across industry.

We’re thrilled to partner with them and can’t wait for more projects. All the info you need is at

Arup has 40 years of experience in India, and in 2008, they formally established an office in Mumbai to offer the firm’s full array of services. Their portfolio of projects includes roads, bridges, airports and related infrastructure, cultural and educational facilities, hotels, office and mixed-use developments, residential and manufacturing facilities.

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